You’re not just disturbing your partner, you’re getting horrible sleep too!

We asked people that live with snorers to secretly video record their partner while sleeping. In every case—when the snorer viewed their video—they were astounded. Not just by the discomfort they were causing their partner, but by the effect snoring was having on the quality of their own sleep.

Left untreated snoring can lead to

  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty Concentrating
  • Headaches
  • Relationship Problems
  • Even Depression

The easy & effective solution

Snoring and obstructive sleep apnea occur when your air passage becomes narrowed or blocked. Snore Guard®features Air-Flow Technology™ that gently holds your jaw forward to allow the air passage to remain open while you sleep comfortably.

Snore Guard® is clinically proven to reduce snoring and treat symptoms of mild to moderate obstructive sleep apneaBefore and after using Snore Guard

For more than two decades, Snore Guard® has been helping to eliminate snoring

If you’ve ever slept in the same room as someone who snores, you understand the problems snoring can create. We often hear our customers say things like “…we hadn’t slept in the same room for over 20 years…and now we do!” Snore Guard can make that kind of difference in your relationship. Eliminating snoring is a big deal and we are proud to offer this incredible product.

Snore Guard is an intra-oral device specifically designed to help eliminate snoring. Snore Guard is easy to fit and comfortable to wear – no other product compares to Snore Guard.

From the late 80’s until now, Snore Guard was offered only through doctor and dentist offices in the US. We are now able to offer Snore Guard directly to you in Canada and to snorers around the world. Snore Guard continues to be available in the U.S. through dentist and doctor offices.

Snore Guard is part of the Ranir, LLC enterprise of products. Ranir is a respected global manufacturer and marketer of consumer oral care products — toothbrushes, floss, tooth whiteners, travel kits and accessories. Our extensive range includes branded products, products that compare to leading national brands, controlled label products and exclusive store brands. Ranir’s mission is to enable consumers to live a healthy lifestyle.

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